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Because every client is different...hairline, hair length, face shape, lifestyle and it's your job to be comfortable with all of them! Well in this 5-Day Challenge, I'll be teaching you the front part of the hairstyle! Daily tutorials, challenges and teachings from the gold-medalist and industry expert, Elisha Chauhan! 

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The back is perfect, but how confident is your front game?

It might be business in the back, but it's a crazy wild party in the front - and with seeing multiple clients, with varying needs, styles and features - it's no wonder that the front game is a tricky one! Especially as that's what your client sees! In this challenge, we'll be levelling up your front game in those all important special occasion hairstyles. 


Let's check out the challenge details....


Kick things off with this fun and motivational welcome ceremony! You'll get to meet your coach, international gold medalist and founder of Hair & Beauty Tour, Elisha Chauhan! You'll receive welcome instructions, what to expect, how the challenge works and an introduction into the Face the Front week ahead! Receive your first challenge of the week and video tutorials!

The Challenges

Uncover the secrets to success by understanding the significance of the front of each day's Hairstyle and challenge! You'll receive video tutorials, self-paced coaching and how-to's that you can pause! It's time to start journalling your journey with some reflective questions. Share your front masterpieces with the collective and be in with the opportunity to have your work exposed and showcased online! 

Closing Recap + Bonuses

A closing ceremony to integrate those all important secrets to the front section of bridal and special occasion hairstyles! A recap of the videos and challenges, some prizes and bonus material! Don't skip this day, some surprise announcements to be released!

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Meet your Coach

Elisha Chauhan (born in Delhi, India) is a United States based educator, polymath, medalist & the founder of Hair and Beauty Tour, World's first blended learning and gamified platform. Her teaching projects have produced 10,500+ students internationally & have won over 40 gold medals in LIVE time-based beauty & hair competitions.

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Let's Wrap That Up

  • 5 Daily Video Tutorials taught by industry leading expert Elisha Chauhan
  • 5 Daily Challenges to finesse your front section of those special occasion hairstyles
  • Journal your Journey Prompts - Reflective practice throughout the week 
  • On-Demand + Recaps available throughout the challenge 
  • Daily coaching on the significance on the importance of the front styling
  • Daily coaching on how to adapt each hairstyle for face shape, style, length and condition
  • Receive the challenge directly to your inbox 
  • The chance to showcase your work and profile to over 7000 of Elisha's followers online! 
  • Prizes and Bonuses up for grabs!

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