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Bridal & Special Occassion Hairstyling 

Beauty School Program


Join the World's most intensive Online Hairstyling Program by partnering up with an educator that has trained over 10,000+ students... and GET CERTIFIED!

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Upgrade your Up-Do Hairstyling education with the world's first online beauty school, with structured training, live events, modules and on-demand tutorials!

  • Learn the art of creative & neat up-do's
  • Kick start your up-do biz & charge premium for your services
  • Offer unique hairstyles & up-do's for your clients (over 6000+)
  • Learn in a structured format with 50+ on-demand tutorials
  • Start today risk-free, with our 14-day money back guarantee.
  • Over 10,000 students trained since 2015 
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I thought I had to spend countless hours watching YouTube & practicing by myself to offer hairstyling...Elisha introduced me to the BOBCROSS approach, and have I made over 100 hairstyles that are innovated by me... It changed everything!

Aikilah E.



BASH is not for YouTube Wannabe's but Updo Pros

Here's what you can expect to receive when you enroll in the BASH Beauty School

⚡️  Become an Updo Decoder

See a picture and break it down 


⚡️ The *Right* Audience

You can stop playing the IG popularity contest - no more focusing on followers. Attract the people who are in love with your unique style! 

⚡️ Dream Clients

Attract amazing clients who pay top dollar because you have the secret sauce


⚡️  Consistent Income

You'll now have a branded business that makes you income around the clock. With referrals and recommendations keeping you busy!

⚡️ A Premium Brand

Your premium brand gives you instant credibility and visibility in the market, so be ready to take on new opportunities.


⚡️ Global Updo Mastery

Elisha's techniques have been learnt from all over the world


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Download the BASH Course Curriculum

Let's Dig Into the Details

The BASH Experience

Part One 

Student Success Checklist

Part Two

Join the Student Community

Part Three

Up-Do Career Coaching

Part Five

Updo Decoding & Hairstyling

Part Six 

On Demand Video Tutorials (50+)

Part Seven 

Recognized Certification

Partner with a trustworthy education platform, that has trained over 10,000+ students worldwide! Take your beauty biz & education to the next level with BASH Beauty School!

This course is for you if...

  • You want to further enhance your beauty school education 
  • You want to start offering your clients premium service for premium rates
  • You crave a community of like-minded students online
  • You want to learn from a platform that is interactive and not YouTube! 
  • You are ready to earn consistently, with a unique style and sold-out referral based clientele

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You want to continue to practice for a few more years until you have perfected everything
  • You want to do the research, guesswork and learning by yourself 
  • You are comfortable with pausing and playing confusingYouTube videos 
  • You are happy with inconsistency in your income and client base
  • You can settle for average hairstyling education 



*Not all modules shown are applicable to BASH Beauty School



BASH for Beginners

  • BOBCROSS Tutorials 
  • 20+ Video Tutorials On Demand
  • Basic Level Updo
  • Pay in Full Bonus: Plug 'n' Play Contracts
  • Welcome + Orientation
  • BASH Mindset Modules
  • BASH Business Modules 
  • BASH Graduation + Certificate




  • Complete BOBCROSS Blueprint + Tutorials
  • 50+ Video Tutorials On-Demand
  • BOBCROSS Tutorials 
  • 50+ Video Tutorials On Demand
  • ALL Bonuses Included
  • Customer Customization Tutorials
  • Design Decisions + Decoding 
  • Wigs + Hair Additions
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Advanced Styling Hair Tutorials
  • Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Level Updo
  • TWO Live Sessions w/Elisha
  • Welcome + Orientation
  • BASH Mindset Modules
  • BASH Business Modules 
  • BASH Graduation + Certificate

BASH Regular


BASH Signature Program

  • BOBCROSS Tutorials 
  • 50+ Video Tutorials On Demand
  • ALL Bonuses Included
  • Customer Customization Tutorials
  • Design Decisions + Decoding 
  • Wigs + Hair Additions
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Advanced Hair Tutorials
  • Basic Level Updo
  • Intermediate Level Updo 
  • ONE Live Session w/Elisha
  • Welcome + Orientation
  • BASH Mindset Modules
  • BASH Business Modules 
  • BASH Graduation + Certificate

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Elisha Chauhan

Born in Delhi, India Elisha is a US based educator, polymath, medalist & the founder of EdTech Company, Hair & Beauty Tour LLC. The world' first blended learning and gamified platform in hair and beauty. Her teaching projects have trained 10.5k+ students internationally, and have won more than 40 gold metals in LIVE time-based hair competitions. 

Elisha started out her career as a computer science engineer (would you believe?!) and despite a great salary and job, she knew she wanted to do more. She joined the family business in the beauty industry and in doing so, a crazy idea struck! She decided she wanted to run for international competitions. Self-taught from 10 different trainers and 10 different countries, the journey hasn't stopped. Winning international medals to becoming a juror, and then training the jurors! 

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Elisha is a great motivator. I did not know that an online course could be so interesting and organized. From Video lessons, to all games we played, workouts and dollar points, it all kept me motivated and going all the way. BASH is a game changer in the hairstyling industry.


Using Elisha's amazing BOBCROSS system, I have over 3 weddings already booked and am super excited to do what I learnt in the class. I have done mini courses online but none of them have been as educative.This class was birthday gift that turned out to be more than 10x its worth in money. The MOST important thing it's taught me is to cut all the fluff (too many products, tools etc) and directly create my unique signature styles.


To date, I have done over 150 clients after doing #BASH and made over 350 hair paddings and saved so much money! I'm super geeked that within 8 weeks of joining #BASH, I've made more than my money back and its all pure profit. #receipts 


Hair & Beauty Tour LLC

H&B Tour is an online distance education program that provides a platform for structured and gamified learning for current and aspiring professionals, globally. 

It's aim is to eradicate the problems of the industry such as unstructured education, skill gaps and obsolete frameworks - leaving beauty graduates confused, misguided and poorly educated.


Just Imagine


you could experience some of these things....

  • Being on vacation and seeing notifications that you have new bookings and deposits in your account.
  •  Feeling confident that your hairstyling bazaar is unique and you attract the clients that you feel aligned with.
  •  Marketing is something you know, but the referrals just keep rolling in. Before you know if, you are booked two wedding seasons in advance!
  • You know how to work with demanding brides, and your level of education far exceeds so you can finally start charging premium - all thanks to the BASH CEO Mindset
  •  You have the BOBCROSS blueprint of over 6000+ hairstyles so no more having to hide in a cave to perfect a few hairstyles, the world is your oyster!
  • Social Media no longer scares you, with fear of comparison. You have your own unique style using the BASH social media formula!
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Download the BASH Course Curriculum

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Join me and thousands of students on leading the way in advanced beauty education! Create your hairstyling bazaar and Launch your Client Magnet Biz Today!


Better, Faster updo's. So you can charge premium.

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I am so glad I found this course while randomly scrolling through my Instagram!! I didn't know an online course could be so transformational! Thank you Elisha!


I never liked doing hair & thought that it wasn't my thing. But the way Elisha teaches BASH is phenomenal. From games to quizzes to bingos, you will start enjoying the whole process. I have learnt so many techniques and have started liking doing hair. I also learnt a lot from the community!


During the BASH Program I saw a client for my one and only hair appointment . After seeing my work they booked me for 7 more hairstyles and a wedding too! And now I have even more enquiries thanks to all referrals. I am so happy I did a great thing by joining #BASH

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